GoChain Advisor Announcement — Benn Godenzi

GoChain proudly announces Benn Godenzi has joined the team’s Advisory Board. Benn is the Co-founder of the Interoperability Alliance and an extremely well-known pre and post ICO marketing strategist.

He currently advises some of the top projects in the blockchain space such as WanChain, CryptoCurve, Edenchain, Quarkchain, and AION.

As an early-adopter of Bitcoin in 2010, he has always had a very keen interest in blockchain technology. Godenzi brings to GoChain his world-class marketing skills to focus on post ICO marketing management, strategic direction and partnerships and social media outreach.

The GoChain team looks forward to Benn’s guidance as it seeks to become the network leader in blockchain scalability. Gochain’s MainNet launches this month.

“Turns out GoChain has been under the radar, so I had our tech team check out the project, and damn it’s good.”

Benn GoDenzi

Welcome to the team, Benn!

More info at https://gochain.io.
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