GoChain Improvement Proposal 35 (GIP-35) voting has completed with the 100% of the community vote in favor and the 83% of the node validators in favor resulting in 91.5% in favor. This means staking is coming to GoChain!

Community vote results.

See this previous post for more information.

The GoChain developers don’t expect it to take very long to implement in the GoChain protocol and have estimated it will take about 1 month to roll out.

Details on how to stake will come out soon, so stay tuned to our Twitter or this blog and get your $GO ready.

The National Mining Agency of Colombia plans to leverage blockchain technology to launch new financing opportunities for miners and bring about greater transparency and auditability of mining operations and supply chains throughout Colombia.

Dubai Expo 2020, Opportunity District

RENO, NV USA |DUBAI, UAE | BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, 02 NOVEMBER 2021 — The National Mining Agency of Colombia (Agencia Nacional de Mineria or ANM) announced live, during a special event in the Colombian Pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020, a bold vision and plan to further establish Colombia as a global…

A fruitful summer and busy past few months has resulted in new partnerships and further expansion of the GoChain ecosystem. Here’s a quick heads up on some of our recent developments and initiatives.

Highlights from GoChain and the Ecosystem

Enterprise & Government

Money has been a significant catalyst to the progress of human civilization since its inception. The act of trading goods and services in exchange for currency has helped to build nations. In smaller transactions, money has played a crucial role as a symbol of trust between two parties. …

Insight into the credible companies working together to run the GoChain Network!

Conservation International

Conservation International is a global environmental organization that works with governments, companies, and communities to spotlight and secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity. Since its inception in 1987, Conservation International has helped to protect more than 6 million square kilometers (2.3 …

The July staking distribution went out today:

~170,000 GO

Check your wallets to see your reward!

Room for New Stakers

This is actually short of what should have gone which means we have more room for new stakers to start earning 8+% on their GO. We’ll let you know how to join through the usual channels (Twitter/Medium/Telegram) in the coming weeks.

How do I get $GO for Staking?

GO is available on many major exchanges, you can find out more here: https://gochain.io/go

To learn more about the GoChain staking program, you can find the original article here.


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